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Über mich

Foto: Luka Godec


My name is Anne-Kathrin Godec and I am living in a Karst region for 22 years now. And I am reading all the time.... and writing. So, my natural surroundings became the center of my literary interest.

I finished my studies of German literature and language and educational theory in Cologne, worked for a long time in the fields of media design and I am the author of three philosophical anthologies and a literary feature book on the Mediterranean.

Additionally, I am working as a literary translator from Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian language to German and the other way round.

Happily, I have the chance to create the literary and cultural program of Hotel Village Balatura, where I meet writers from all over the world for 14 years now, and organize workshops and festivals. As a freelance moderator I  work for book-fairs and literature festivals.

My home is in Tribalj, next to the hotel, at the foot of Mount Tić and just a stone's throw away from the Mediterranean.

Wollen Sie mir schreiben?


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